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Soap Art specialises in soap making that is suitable for all skin types. With different types of essential oils, natural ingredients and soap base, our soaps cater to everyone.

Our soap and candle gifts cater for weddings, birthdays, corporate gifts and customised gifts. They are all natural ingredients, no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), no animal fat and no preservatives.

Besides soap making, we conduct art workshops for kids and adults. There are variety of interesting art workshops to choose from, such as soap making workshop, candle making workshop, soap flower workshop, hand sanitiser workshop, soap foam workshop, scented stone workshop and many more.

Our interesting art activities cater to all ages. Fun art workshops that are unique and creative. We do external events for corporate team building, parent-child bonding, school holiday workshops and virtual online workshops.


Art Workshops for all Ages

Soap Workshop

Soap Flower Workshop

Soap Carving Workshop

Soap Foam Workshop

Bath Bomb Workshop

Candle Workshop

Hand Sanitizer Workshop

Essential Oil Workshop

Scented Stone Workshop



Art Workshop Gallery


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