Soap Making Process

Method #1. Melt and Pour

The melt and pour soap method is the easiest method to use.

  • Buy a pre-made soap base.
  • Melt the soap base into liquid.
  • Add ingredients such as  natural essential oils, herbs and colours.
  • Pour the soap liquid into mould.
  • Let it harden, demold and cling wrapped.

A fun and interesting soap making activity for beginners to make their own soap. Beautiful soap art as gifts, for display or for own use. Choice of natural essential oils, colours and different moulds will make this art workshop a very good corporate bonding session, for kids and adults art activity.


Method #2. Cold Process

This process involves creating your own natural soap base from scratch. It is through a chemical reaction called saponification.

Sodium Hydroxide, also known as lye (base), is mixed with an oil (acid) to form soap. Saponification process is the grouping of a base and an acid.

Cold process method is the more popular technique for home soap makers.
With this technique, you know what goes into every bar of soap and are able to completely eliminate any artificial ingredients.

Method #3. Hot Process

Hot process soap harder much faster than soap produced using the cold process method, which takes few weeks to cure.

The hot and cold methods of making soap are very similar, each using the same base recipes and combining the ingredients in similar ways. Difference being the hot process method requires an external heat source to bring the soap to the gel phase before it is placed in a soap mould. Cold process uses its own self-generated heat to reach the gel phase after it is placed into the soap mold.

Hot process method needs more time to watch over it while it is cooking. The look of the soap tends to be a little bit on the rustic side and does not have as smooth of a finish as the cold process method.


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